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2010: The Year of No Blogging

August 29, 2010 1 comment

Seriously: only 11 posts all year? What a lame-o blog you are reading. A person starts a blog because they have something to write about. When I started this blog I had something to write about. Actually, here’s something I never told you. When I started this blog what I wanted to write about was my thoughts on how to do church. It was the fall of 2007 and I had all sorts of thoughts about worship leading and prayer and getting small groups of people together and just doing life together, and I was thinking about how church didn’t need to be done the way church is always done in the tradition I come from. I had been in a volunteer or leadership role of some kind in a church or parachurch organization for around 12 years and I had a few things to say about what I thought it was all about.

However 2007 was also the year the last church I led in closed down, and other significant circumstances in my life all whirled into one mighty storm, and pretty soon what I had to say about church organization and service structures didn’t seem quite so important anymore. The topic on my mind was now this storm, and getting the hell out of it. And, you may have noticed, that pretty much occupied all my thinking and processing on this blog, with the occasional distraction, until this year.

Now the storm has passed (hurray), and, if I may extend the metaphor, I have looked around and noticed I seem to be in the middle of the ocean. Not all by myself, fortunately, but with family and friends around me and activities I am involved in. A pretty good life, I think. But I am in the middle of the ocean. I lost sight of land long ago and now when I’m not actively combating it I feel listless and without direction, and overall without much to say.

On the other hand I have three little impetuses (not to be confused with imps) who keep me busy and right now are careening around the room waiting for me to play with them. So for the next half hour at least, I have a direction.


First Impressions

May 28, 2010 Leave a comment

After many months deep in thought and deliberation I’ve decided this blog needs a makeover. Actually there was very little thought and deliberation involved at all; it was instead a collection of observations over the last year or so that the topics and ruminations I’ve typically explored on this blog over the last two and a half years have been evolving in new ways lately, and the things that I have been pondering seem somehow to fit somewhere other than on brown pages. So – ta da! Or however one announces something on the web without buying banner ads. Welcome to the revision of a hundred visions and revisions. If you follow this blog in a reader or email, come to the website and look around.

I started this blog with a goal in mind – to explore the process of finding community and faith in a new city and cultural setting, and document how that complexity and chaos was affecting my ideas on church and faith and God. I titled the blog somewhat haphazardly after a line in one of my favorite poems, since I liked the idea of visions and revisions in the context of reflective blogging. It took on a bit more significance as I went along though, as I came to terms with the visions I had brought to Cincinnati and the revisions they underwent here. Over the past year it’s become more clear that in many ways the eras of my life are transitioning, and the struggles and frustrations of adapting to a new city and (sub)culture are giving way to stability and some semblance of plans and productivity. The chaos and morosity that marked my first five years here haven’t seemed consistent with the approach to life I’ve taken lately.

My first thought was to abandon the blog altogether and start fresh in some unexplored corner of the internets, perhaps linking back to here. I’ve written elsewhere about my tendency to move on from situations or relationships, for better and for worse. And it would perhaps be fitting in this case, for reasons I’ve already described. But when I looked again at the blog I noticed the subtitle, which I haven’t paid much attention to over the years: “a life of faith worked out in the real world.” That, I think, still holds true for what I intend to write in the future. I’m certainly not finished processing my faith and how it plays out in my life, not by a long shot. And perhaps it would be disingenuous in a way to leave behind the chunk of my process that got me from where I used to be to where I am now.

It’s good news, I suppose, that this blog as it has been no longer suits me. I’m not so dismal and angsted these days (if that were a word). I wouldn’t call myself a disenfranchised Christian anymore either, though I’m not sure I’d call myself franchised, or whatever the undoing of the former would be. I’m part of something again in any case, both in my own life and in the community of faith I’ve ended up in. And on the other hand I don’t intend any of this to mean that I’m fine now, that all my former questions have been answered and I’ve moved on to new ones, or in any way that I have anything figured out. At all. Really. I am only recognizing that the space I am processing all these things in has changed, inside and out, and largely for the better.


November 17, 2009 2 comments

I got a Droid this weekend, courtesy of my generous employer. In conservative terms it’s probably the coolest Christmas present I’ve received since I was young enough that every Christmas present was the coolest Christmas present ever. That’s more a testament to the boyish wonder this thing evokes than to the quality of the presents I’ve received as an adult.

This here is a test of the system, to see if indeed I can post to my blog from my telephone. Which is an odd notion, that the handful of ultraconcentrated technology I’m holding is also a telephone. I owned it about 24 hours before I took a call on it, there’s so much other internettiness and such to be had here. And it’s even more odd to be posting something longer than 160 characters from a phone.

Number One Hundred

July 2, 2009 Leave a comment

TV shows make a big deal of their 100th episode; it’s a milestone of a good long-running series. This here is my 100th post. I decided not to make a big deal of it.


(You weren’t expecting content were you? Go watch TV!)

Trying to Kill Google

January 15, 2009 1 comment

I’ve put an end to it. Or at least tried to. picture-1

Since the image accompanying a post from the summer has soared to the number one spot in Google images searches for its kin most of the traffic coming to the site has been to find that image. Which is nice and all but if you’ve noticed I really haven’t written much lately, and especially not much with any thought behind it. So while I appreciate all the attention, people, I really can’t fool myself anymore and go through my days thinking my blog has become that popular. Seriously. It makes me think I don’t have to write anything else, just keep posting images that people want to put in their own posts. Hm. Perhaps an idea for another blog.

So I deleted the image today from my WordPress media library, and replaced it in the post with the same image, renamed and re-uploaded in an effort to fool the Google beast. However as of this writing 15 minutes later Google still sees it. Maybe they have hard-drive searching technology that turns up results from my very own computer rather than just what I post online. Oh right, they do. But I have not installed it. Maybe WordPress has only told me they have deleted it but in reality hidden it away knowing it drives Google traffic to one of their sites. Scammers, all of them.

Watch, now the image in this post will catch on.

I’m Number One

December 15, 2008 2 comments

Apparently the most popular item on this blog lately is the image which heads up The Life and Times of a Disenfranchised Christian, volume v: The Break Up, a cutesy restroom-icon type of illustration. This little image has become so popular in fact, that if you run a Google image search on “break up”, a link to this little blog appears first in line, even before any images of Jennifer Aniston or Vince Vaughn. That’s right, no SEO or ad dollars here, just good old-fashioned grass roots…um…luck. That’s right, well-planned and flawlessly executed luck has paid off, propelling this blog to number one. Somewhere.