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Just a Little Song I Learned in Vacation Bible School

My five-year-old niece sang this one to me this evening, complete with fist-pumping choreography:

You’re powerful
You’re unshakable
You shake me
You break me
You make me again

And while my first reaction of course was to say something like, “Wow, good job, what a fun song” or some other affirming sort of schlock, my inner reaction was – Does she have any idea what she’s singing?? Do kids this age really get explained to them the humiliation and utter destruction that God brings into the lives of people who are serious about following him? Did her Vacation Bible School teachers really get into the personal cost of believing in someone who is powerful and unshakable, and who has an intentional hand in our lives? How if this is really what we believe, and not just something we say to certain people at certain times when it’s safe or socially acceptable, our lives are for all other purposes forfeit?

“OK children, once we’ve all affixed our flies and boils onto our felt Job figures, let’s recite our memory verse for the day. Repeat after me: “Though he slay me, yet will I trust in him…”

I don’t think I would have been any more appalled had she dropped an F-bomb and pumped her hips.

  1. Anonymous
    June 14, 2009 at 8:57 pm

    Right on! That’s oh too familiar a verse in Job.
    Life…He’s saves us, let’s us get broken. and makes us again. the power of love.

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