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The Song That’s Stuck in My Head #3

the_myriad_with_arrows_final“A Thousand Winters Melting”
The Myriad

I’m realizing with each successive TSTSIMY post (plus the handful I posted when this feature was a page unto itself) that the songs featured here aren’t usually ones I’ve listened to recently, thought of specifically, or otherwise intentionally allowed into my grey matter. Instead they pop up unbidden, cracking into my consciousness with a protruding melody or phrase and prying their way into full foot-tapping status. So it is with today’s sticker, a galloping statement on love from my latest favorite band The Myriad. The verses talk about angels and the comfort of supernatural presence, but for me the haiku-like chorus is where I live:

Love, love
A thousand winters melting
Love, love
As you wrap your arms around me

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