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The Continuing Adventures of a Three-Year-Old

Though he won’t be three much longer. Check out his previous exploits here, here and here.

The other night as I was tucking him in God came up in conversation again after reading the extraordinarily underwhelming and bland Berenstain Bears book on the subject of “Big Questions”.

“When can I see God?” he asked.

“Well, when you get to heaven,” I replied.

“When do I get to heaven?”

“After you die.” I was starting to wonder how much of this he was going to want to have explained. “But  you’re young. People usually don’t die until they’re old.”

He sat up looking just a little frightened. “Will I go to the same heaven as you?” It made me smile.

“Yes, of course,” I consoled. “There’s only one heaven.”

“And then can I come right back home?”

That one stumped me. I gave him some answer about how great it is in heaven because no one is sad or sick, but when your whole world consists of playing and eating and getting snuggled (and sometimes going to time out) what could possibly be better about heaven?

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