Trying to Kill Google

I’ve put an end to it. Or at least tried to. picture-1

Since the image accompanying a post from the summer has soared to the number one spot in Google images searches for its kin most of the traffic coming to the site has been to find that image. Which is nice and all but if you’ve noticed I really haven’t written much lately, and especially not much with any thought behind it. So while I appreciate all the attention, people, I really can’t fool myself anymore and go through my days thinking my blog has become that popular. Seriously. It makes me think I don’t have to write anything else, just keep posting images that people want to put in their own posts. Hm. Perhaps an idea for another blog.

So I deleted the image today from my WordPress media library, and replaced it in the post with the same image, renamed and re-uploaded in an effort to fool the Google beast. However as of this writing 15 minutes later Google still sees it. Maybe they have hard-drive searching technology that turns up results from my very own computer rather than just what I post online. Oh right, they do. But I have not installed it. Maybe WordPress has only told me they have deleted it but in reality hidden it away knowing it drives Google traffic to one of their sites. Scammers, all of them.

Watch, now the image in this post will catch on.

  1. January 16, 2009 at 11:35 pm

    such ironical.

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