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Content, Please

depressionI just haven’t felt like writing much lately. Ever get that feeling, the one where you know you probably have things to say if you could just get your mind up in your brain for long enough to sort them out and write them down? And so once again I am stealing time to say that I must have something to say, somewhere.

One reason I don’t write is I just dont’ feel like it. It’s not a laziness thing, or that I have more meaningful things to be doing with my time. It’s a feeling thing. A worn-out, grumpy, frazzled, or other mind-zapping feeling that just makes me think, ugh. I suppose you could call that laziness at times. And I suppose writing isn’t the only aspect of my life that suffers from periods of time like this.

This period of time has included a week full of barfing, thankfully not by me, but unfortunately the barfing pretty much all occurred between the hours of 11pm and 4am on various nights throughout the week as some sort of icky-poo virus made its way through my progeny. And out the other end too in colorful and glorious fashion. At least it didn’t all hit while I was at work, leaving Amber on her own to hold bowls, wipe mouths and change barf clothes. Bleh. At one point I simply undid the four corners of Zeke’s fitted sheet and pulled everything on his bed up in one oversized bundle, including his pillow, and carried it down to the wash.

Ick. Enough thinking about that.

We went to the informational/get plugged in meeting for new attenders today at the church we’ve been attending for the last few months. It was, um, informational. We’ve been going to a small group for a little while now, which has been great, but have been looking for ways to get involved a little further as well as address some of our own nagging questions and frustrations, some of which I’ve recounted elsewhere on this blog. It’s a large church, so much so that we’re lucky if we see anyone we know on any given week who isn’t on stage. So figuring out the scope of what’s happening there, and which sorts of things would interest us or be relevant to our spiritual journey has been overwhelming. Not so much now I think. At the meeting various folks broke it down into categories corresponding with different points on a spiritual journey, and then gave us events to try out, or names of folks to contact to make a shot at a next step. Which was nice. And actually pretty darn helpful. We will see how these next steps pan out for us, but hey – it’s a start.

Twelve minutes until Max & Ruby is over and I get to wrestle the baby alligators into their PJ’s. Time to go do something productive like surf the web.

  1. January 11, 2009 at 7:38 pm

    Love Max & Ruby! Also, it is a magical hour when they kids are in PJ’s and off to bed!

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