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A Baby With Teeth

December 30, 2008 Leave a comment

Last Sunday we got a puppy. A nifty little retriever-looking mutt that’s a quarter golden retriever, a quarter poodle and half mystery mutt. He came on the cheap and the kids named him Jack. He’s a quick learner in most things, which is great except in the things which he’s not so quick with (yipping in the early morning when he’s ready for the rest of the family to be up, for example). Thing with a puppy is that it’s pretty much like having a newborn again, except without the deeper involvement of my own genes. Amber described it more accurately as akin to having an infant running around without a diaper all day. Except that the infant has claws and little bitty sharp teeth and can rip open skin.


I’m Number One

December 15, 2008 2 comments

Apparently the most popular item on this blog lately is the image which heads up The Life and Times of a Disenfranchised Christian, volume v: The Break Up, a cutesy restroom-icon type of illustration. This little image has become so popular in fact, that if you run a Google image search on “break up”, a link to this little blog appears first in line, even before any images of Jennifer Aniston or Vince Vaughn. That’s right, no SEO or ad dollars here, just good old-fashioned grass roots…um…luck. That’s right, well-planned and flawlessly executed luck has paid off, propelling this blog to number one. Somewhere.

Did I Just Barf?

December 9, 2008 3 comments

My three-year-old turned to my wife this morning and asked her matter-of-factly, “Did I just eat Go-gurt?”, referring to that lovely toddler-friendly tube-shaped plastic bag of yogurt akin to Fla Vor Ice. Amber was stumped.

“You had some last night,” his older sister pointed out.

“Cause I just barfed in my mouth and it tasted like Go-gurt!” he announced proudly. “I didn’t have pukies, I just barfed.”

Apparently the distinction is important.