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Film Twins

There’s a phenomenon I’ve noticed recently that I thought I’d finally put on…paper…pixels…whatever. It’s the tendency from time to time in Hollywood for two films to be released at about the same time from two separate studios with very similar and distinct topics, subject matter or themes. Pretty specific topics too, like “Animated films featuring anthropomorphized insects” rather than “Action film set in Tokyo.” They’re not sequels or copycats or spin-offs, since they were produced on roughly the same schedule, and released well within a year of each other. Here are the few sets of Film Twins I’ve noticed (with a set of triplets thrown in!), in chronological order. (And excluding the trio of Amy Fisher made-for-TV movies in 1992/93)

Platoon (MGM, 12/24/86)
Full Metal Jacket (Warner Bros., 6/26/87)
Bleak, violent and un-glamorized depictions of the Vietnam War

Tombstone (Hollywood Pictures, 12/25/93)
Wyatt Earp (Warner Bros., 6/24/94)
Dramatizations of the heroism of the Earps at the Gunfight at the OK Corral

Deep Impact (Paramount, 5/8/98)
Armageddon (Disney, 7/1/98)
Special effects-laden end-of-the-world scenarios centering around projectiles from space

Antz (Dreamworks, 10/2/98)
A Bug’s Life (Disney/Pixar, 11/25/98)
Animated films about an ant who saves his colony and wins the heart of a princess

Capote (Sony Pictures, 2/3/06)
Infamous (Warner Bros., 11/16/06)
Biopics of Truman Capote’s process of writing In Cold Blood

The Illusionist (Universal, 9/1/06)
The Prestige (Warner Bros., 10/20/06)
Dramas centering around turn-of-the-century European magicians

Waitress (20th Century Fox, 5/25/07)
Knocked Up (Universal, 6/1/07)
Juno (Fox Searchlight, 12/25/07)
Romantic comedy-esque films about unplanned pregnancies

I’m sure there are more out there than I have thought of. So if you can think of other sets of films about the same thing, released within a year of each other, let’s hear ’em!

  1. November 27, 2008 at 8:45 am

    Two-Lane Blacktop (1971)
    Vanishing Point (1971)
    The French Connection (1971)
    Car Movies ,action /
    I hope i´ve got answer your question right !?

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