Magic Poop


If you’ve ever found yourself using the phrase, “too much information”, now may be a good time to click on to the next post.

So when my three-year-old is through sitting on the porcelain doing his best interpretation of a Play Doh Fun Factory, he hollers “WIIIIIIIIIIIPE!!!” as he waits with his elbows on his thighs. I come in to perform my duty for his doodie, and he pitches forward and grabs behind my knees while I clean the operative area. And most times it takes four, five, maybe seven, twelve times before the paper comes back with only the acceptable tan tinge. It’s like the poop just keeps on coming. It isn’t as though he continues to press mud while I catch it as fast as I can tear Charmin. Just the opposite, in fact – even when I look back there to see where all this brown is coming from, it looks clean. Then I wipe, and there’s poop. And I check again and it’s clean.

Where does it all come from??

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