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I Still Don’t Know Who to Vote For

I’ve been taking voter’s quizzes today, because I am still undecided, and I keep coming up Obama, though my preferences are really worn down to about nothing by now. Based on their characters and personalities I really don’t like either candidate (for the sake of this thoughtspew I’m thinking only of Obama and McCain – voting for someone else seems like a waste of my time). Based on the issues, which these quizzes center around, I lean towards Obama. Based on my gut instinct, I question Obama. Don’t ask me to corroborate that, it’s really just a gut instict thing. My apologies if you’re a rational by-the-numbers sort of decision maker. And all of it adds up to…not zero…more like the calculator just breaks and I put it down and  go get a muffin.


  1. November 3, 2008 at 4:27 pm

    When it doubt: vote for the muffin. Good luck making a decision!

  2. Jennifer
    November 3, 2008 at 6:18 pm

    I hope you take a little bit of time to think before you place your vote. In these times with our economy being what it is; we don’t need a president that needs on the job training. McCain has much more life and political experience. I have realized that this isn’t the election to vote purely because of issues. Look at the candidates. I voted for Hillary in the primary and am now voting for McCain/ Palin.

  3. Georgia
    November 3, 2008 at 9:34 pm

    Muffin, your gut is telling you what to do. While pretty speeches and big crowds may look good, it is the man. You know during these trouble times a man ( since that is the choice) must have experience, must to be president.– Who knows where the bodies are buried, knows how DC. works and in my opinion will do all he can to fulfill his promises because he has no intention of running for a 2nd term. He is not so much loyal to his party but to our country.
    So with the idea that he has seen 25 years of Washington and knows how horrid war is he is simply the best man for the times. He has no intention of listening to anyone but us and he means that.
    Take a breath and listen to your gut and vote for our country’s liberty. Can you imagine 5 &1/2 years along and beaten and he never came up on this country.. Then instead of coming back angry he was determined to serve his country again.
    As a woman who has seen both sides of the parties here is what I know.
    Once upon a time we ( Community Organizers) yep I was one) tried to set up a program for unwed mother average age 16. We wanted to set up a 5 year ( 5 years) contract with full training and relief for them once a week from their babies. It was a program to teach them to become adults and help them be productive citizen by the time the were 21. You guessed it ,it got shot down. The premises to contract with them to sign a contract that after 5 years they would leave welfare behind. We were using common sense and I was an independent even then. I waked away from that legislative meeting made to feel terrible because I and many others had a plan to make them independent and self reliant. The dems do not want people to become their own people. They want a majority to be depended on the government. I don’t want to be. I enjoy my freedom and ability to say what I want. After what they did to the plumber, the reporters and any one that gets in their way, man I do not want to piss them off. So vote for McCain. He has much knowledge and fire. So maybe it it simply his time. Give him the chance that he deserves. Do it so in one small way we may be giving our self a chance too.
    Good luck with your decision and your gut.

    Sheep Walkers

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