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Christianity and the Arts

It was odd last night being in church and realizing I didn’t recognize any of the songs but one. It was a strange milestone, from being a worship leader whose responsibility in part meant knowing all the songs the church sings, and most of those by heart. And as an extension of that, knowing what other songs were out there, what was popular or likely to be familiar to folks at the service, and being generally familiar with the contemporary worship genre.

That part of it all I didn’t like so much.

See to be honest I’m not much of a fan of contemporary Christian music, much like I’m not a fan of contemporary Christian…anything…when it comes to the arts. Novels, films, e-cards, they all blend together to me in a mush of message-driven fluff. Generations have passed since anything respectable as art came from anyone respectable as a Christian – Tolkien, Eliot, Dostoevsky, for example. (I’m not going for impeccable lives on a political-theater-level of scrutiny here). Lately we get…Kirk Cameron and the Left Behind series. A smorgasbord of propaganda, where the art exists for the sake of the meaning, rather than meaning emerging from art created for its own sake.

Sorry for the rant…I didn’t set out to write one. Get me on certain subjects though…

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