Fifty-one Hours

That’s how long we were without power this week, from Sunday at 3pm to Tuesday at a little after 6pm. It’s a strange thing to live without, given that the kids’ routines depend on it quite a bit – movies during nap/quiet time, TV while we make meals, that sort of thing. On the one hand it forced us to be a little more creative and resourceful in playing with them, while on the other hand our ideas and their interest in them began to run real low real soon.

Half a tree came down in our backyard, hurting nothing, as well as another half a tree’s worth of branches and leaves. (That’s not an actual photo – the only one currently lives on my phone.) We carted off three truckloads of the stuff and raked two more loads worth down to the street for the city to pick up sometime between now and October. It kept us busy for the first 24 hours at least.

The worst part of course was the plight of the freezer food – the goop that dribbled out of the seal on the door, the full half gallon of ice cream that tipped over and deposited its contents in a slimy pool on the freezer bottom, and of course the loss of all of it in the end, a trash bag full of lukewarm meat and leftovers that had its life support pulled and is now somehow dripping out of the trash bin outside and down the driveway. Must remember to bring the hose around.

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