One-Track Life

So there was this whole thing that happened recently, something about a vacation for a week with Amber and two great friends at a house on the beach in Florida with a private pool and nothing to do and oh by the way no children. I think that’s how it was at least, because all I’ve been doing since I returned is working and once in a while coming home to sleep. But it must have happened because we have the tans to prove it. All I can say is it’s a good thing this week followed last week because otherwise I would have already started falling asleep at my desk.

I returned from vacation to sixty minutes of video that needs to be animated in a week. That’s right, animated, not edited. Edited video at least does some of the work for you since it’s already full of moving images. Animations start from scratch and take, oh, a little bit longer.

It’s been lonely going from a week where Amber and I were around each other all day every day to one where I see her for a half hour or so in the morning and maybe an hour at night. Last week made me want to be with her all the more, and this week is just the opposite. It’s a kind of torture, I’m convinced. And then there’s the kids, whom I haven’t really seen in two weeks except after they’re asleep.

At least there’s a deadline.

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