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No Pot-bellied Pigs For Me Today

I was only slightly disappointed not to discover any Vietnamese pot-bellied pigs in my house when we returned this evening, a feeling that quickly dispersed when I discovered instead a new surround speaker system installed in our family room. Such a sneaky schemey wonderful wife (and friends) I have. I turned Enchanted up past 11 the first chance I got because, number one it was in the DVD player already and number two hey, it’s surround sound!

We watched the Red Sox roll over the Reds at Great American 9-0 this afternoon, another highlight of my highlight-filled Father’s Day. Four homers and lots of peanuts, cotton candy, ballpark franks and oh yeah, free tickets. What’s not to love? And as my father pointed out on the phone in the top of the 6th, a game like that at Fenway would have run us a few hundred bucks before we even entered the stadium. Crazy. On our drive home I asked the kids, “Who went to a baseball game today?”


“Who saw the Red Sox?”


“Who saw the Red Sox hit the ball?”


True enough. A Father’s Day for the books already and it’s only 6pm.

  1. June 15, 2008 at 5:43 pm

    We have a pot bellied pig…he is amazing. His name is Elvis!

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