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You Gotta Love Network Marketing

I’ve been offlining 15 or 20 tapes worth of interviews with participants in a network marketing company and besides being first annoyed, then a little creeped out, I’ve found a few quotes that standing alone just make me stop and say….excuse me? Granted I haven’t done my research (nor do I care to), so no knocks here to my readers who are avid fans of or participants in network marketing. But for instance:

“If you have to take out an equity loan, be there. It’s that important.” [in reference to a training meeting]

“I don’t even remember what the point of the talk was, but I remember just going full steam ahead.”

“Stop thinking and just do it.”

and the one that made me squirm:

“Between God and [this company] it’s going to happen.”

Are Christians more prone to participating in these sorts of groups? This company, and some others I’ve heard of, are supposedly “Christian-based” in some way. Many of the interviewees are slipping Christianese into their references to the company (“saved me”, “a blessing”, “got me out of bondage”, and so on). Maybe it’s just the way they talk anyway, or maybe somehow the company resembles Jesus for them. Or vice versa. I don’t know.

Again not a knock on these companies or those who participate. I have friends who are involved in one of these and are loving it – and it seems to be working well for them. I’ve just had an inordinate dose of back-to-back-to-back-to-infinity quotes (I’m up to 520 quotes and not quite halfway through) by participants which ultimately all sound the same. I’m recording it in a spreadsheet and most times I could type a few words and autofill what someone earlier already said if I wanted and I wouldn’t miss much content.

Ah, dear. back I go again. I suppose I may edit this as I go and add more exceptional quotes to my list.

[EDIT] This person is speaking entirely in Spanish, and with what little I know of western languages I can still pick out the buzzwords I’ve been hearing all week. Does the autofill function in Excel have a translation feature?

[EDIT] Here’s a very common one: “There’s no reason I can’t have what I want and this business can provide that for me.” Isn’t that just America for you.

[EDIT] and again: “I saw the light.”

[EDIT] FInally, a balanced viewpoint: “[This company] can’t fulfill your dreams but it’s certainly an avenue to do so.”

[EDIT] and an unfortunate one: “I’m doing this business because my husband’s vasectomy failed.” Ouch.

  1. Anonymous
    June 6, 2008 at 9:51 am

    So many people want instant answers:instant money, security, safety, popularity, gratification, recognition,,,you name it. This style of marketing draws these seekers. Unfortunately so do many simplistic forms of Christianity: believe these 5 points, say this simple prayer, join this group, accept this doctrine, stay away from these 10 behaviors…and you’re saved, born again!
    Yes, the Lord of all does make it simple, come to Me, accept the gift of My Son, love one another. But that simplicity is encased in complexity, a lifelong journey, multiple conversations with one another, and hard work.
    So, sorry,my instant gratification seekers. Life is more complicated than that.

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