Endless Productivity

So this project I’m on at work is up to 700 gigs or so of media, 175 individual videos and counting, and they’ve just booked me another month and a half in addition to the month I’ve already been on it. In total I’ve had a week and two days or so since I started in the middle of March that I haven’t been owned by Honeywell. And in many ways it’s been grueling. I eat lunch at my desk every day, there have been a few late nights, and then there’s the sheer enormity of it all, which maintaining comprehension of claims what little intellectual equity I have let over from fathering three children and planning a move in four weeks, among other ongoing responsibilities.

So while on the one hand I’m getting quite a bit accomplished on this project, having cranked out around a hundred or so of these clips so far, on the other hand none of them are client-approved in any final sense of the word, and they’re still shooting footage for new and existing clips. It’s an unending series of revisions and expansions and reorganizations and other subtle forms of scope creep. All of which leaves me feeling remarkably unproductive – like the guy moving a pile of sand with tweezers or my old friend Sisyphus. There’s no denying the productivity I’ve had during my time on this project, but if the project itself is continually expanding at the same time it’s shifting and reinventing itself, how much of it is actually productive?

I left my last job for numerous reasons, some of the less weighty ones being my concern that the company was only working for one client, and the fact that I ended up working on the same types of projects over and over. Tragic irony, methinks.

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