White as Snow

So I’ve got a new job, five days off, and a foot or so of snow outside. I’m sitting with that sticky flushed-cheek sensation of having just come in from shoveling said snow, and feeling a little strange about all this change. We haven’t seen this much snow since we moved, which means our kids have never seen this much snow – there was much trudging and digging and (attempts at) sledding. Usually they’re done after ten minutes or so; today they lasted more than half an hour before they realized they were “too chilly”.

Leaving the job I’ve just left entails a bunch of detoxing and shedding of certain not-so-helpful world views – reasons for which I decided on the five-day siesta. There were lots of coping and self-protective attitudes I adopted in order to get through my days there, which in retrospect have dimmed my attitude on life in general. Starting a new job is one thing, but carrying this crap into it is something I don’t want to do. My self perception is on high sensitivity this weekend.

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