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Context is King

You may have noticed a decided lack of posts lately on the topics I began this blog around – finding community, investing in a church, and following Jesus in general. I’ve been thinking about why that is – why these things haven’t been on my mind much lately – and I’ve come up with this: we’ve been missing our context. As I mentioned briefly in a previous post, neither of us are particularly self-motivated folks, so when we’re without the context of active community and worship experiences that inspire us to pursue our faith within them as well as on our own, we tend to put our energies into whatever else is actually demanding them (did I mention we have three kids under 4?). So having been to church maybe once in four weeks, and being around Christian friends not at all in months (except to watch a certain football game that shall go unnamed), we’ve been missing our context lately. And not to mention a being a little under the weather recently.

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