As in, good gravy! A saying popularized (in my own head at least) by my college roommate Byron. And by good gravy, I mean – what a challenge it’s been to get a post up in the last three weeks! I started what for me is an ambitious 2-part post on my thoughts following reading reviews of Pagan Christianity by Frank Viola and George Barna (read the first part here), and have yet to type more than a sentence of part two, though I have a rough outline dutifully saved when that time does come.I should rethink this blog idea a bit. Why I started it, what I include and what I don’t. So: 

  1. Keeping up with the various dozens of blogs that have caught my interest at one point or another seems not as doable now as it did at the end of 2007. Skip a few days or so and I’ve got 150 or so posts to peruse. Being an active member of the blogosphere has its merits, and might be fun for a version of myself with an hour or more per day to choose-your-own-adventure click through posts and write comments. But time is at a premium for me these days, and if I’ve got thirty minutes there are much better ways to fill it. 
  2. Putting more attention on the hits on my blog and drawing people to my site than on what I write is self-defeating. Like a good marketing campaign for a feeble product or the whole sand-vs.-rock building metaphor. Gotta get good stuff out there and quit caring who’s looking. Welcome to a larger theme of my life, actually. 
  3. Time to broaden the scope of what I include here. It doesn’t have to be brilliant, or even important. This is a space for me to stretch my creative wings a bit, and sometimes just babble. Hope you like it. 

That’s it for now. It’s past my bed time. 

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